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We review “Pitch Black – Directors Cut” Amazon Streaming: “Frakkin’ Awesome” – M.R.

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Pitch Black
U.S. theatrical poster
Directed by David Twohy
Produced by Tom Engelman
Screenplay by Jim Wheat Ken Wheat David Twohy
Story by Jim Wheat Ken Wheat
Starring Vin Diesel Radha Mitchell Cole Hauser Lewis Fitz-Gerald Claudia Lee Black Keith David
Music by Graeme Revell
Cinematography David Eggby
Editing by Rick Shaine
Studio PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Interscope Communications
Distributed by USA Films Gramercy Pictures (United States) Universal Pictures (all other rights)
Release date(s)
  • February 18, 2000 (2000-02-18) (United States)
Running time 110 minutes[1] 112 minutes[2] (unrated version)
Country United States
Language English
Budget $23 million[3][4]
Box office $53,187,659[3] (Box Office Mojo) $53,182,088[4] (The Numbers)

Pitch Black (known as The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black in later home media releases) is a 2000 science fiction thriller film directed by David Twohy. The film stars Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser and Keith David.

In the film, dangerous criminal Richard B. Riddick (Diesel) is being transported to prison in a cargo spacecraft. When the spaceship is damaged by comet debris and makes an emergency crash landing on an empty desert planet, Riddick escapes. However, when predatory alien creatures begin attacking the survivors, Riddick joins forces with the crew to develop a plan to escape the planet.

The film’s total budget was estimated[by whom?] to be US$23 million. Despite mixed reviews from critics, it was a sleeper hit, grossing over US$53 million worldwide. It has since developed its own cult following, particularly around the antihero Riddick. A sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick, was released in 2004.


Our Thoughts:

This streaming movie was “Frakking Awsome!” If you like Alien, Starwars, Mars Landing, You’ll LOVE THIS. I never liked Vin all that much until now. He was the perfect star for this bad to the bone, stranded humans vs. aliens, space thriller! The effects in this were imaginative, if a little low budget. It was still great though. I have heard the third part of the 3 part The Chronicles of Riddick – Unrated Director’s Cut has fantastic effects and that part two is animated. Part one was one of the better space thrillers i’ve seen in a while.
Again Amazon Digital Streaming delivers a high quality, Hi-Res movie.
Highly recomended. –  M.R.

We Review “The Bourne Legacy” Its not #fantasy or #SciFi, but what the hey!

The Bourne Legacy

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For the film, see The Bourne Legacy (film).
The Bourne Legacy
The Bourne Legacy.jpg The Bourne Legacy first edition cover
Author(s) Robert Ludlum (Series creator) Eric Van Lustbader
Cover artist Craig White
Country United States
Language English
Series Jason Bourne
Genre(s) Spy novel
Publisher St. Martin’s Press
Publication date June 22, 2004
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 464 pp (First edition)
ISBN 0-312-33175-4
OCLC Number 55488053
Dewey Decimal 813/.54 22
LC Classification PS3562.U752 R63 2004
Preceded by The Bourne Ultimatum
Followed by The Bourne Betrayal

The Bourne Legacy is a 2004 spy fiction thriller written by Eric Van Lustbader. It is the fourth novel in the Jason Bourne series created by Robert Ludlum and the first to be written by Lustbader. He has also written six more novels in the series, The Bourne Betrayal, The Bourne Sanction, The Bourne Deception, The Bourne Objective, The Bourne Dominion, and The Bourne Imperative.


Our Thoughts:

If you like any of the Bourne Trilogy movies, you will like this one too.  While it is not ground breaking, it is good solid Bourne/Ludlum entertainment.  I liked it and I wont bother with a plot explanation as it has been the same US Gov Fail, try and kill the Bad Guy/Hero story from the start.

The chase scenes in this one are great. The motorcycle chase is over the top and the wintery scenes with the attack drone at the begining are gripping. Bourne fans will find a surprise or two. A Highly Recomended Action/Spy Movie.

I read the Bourne Trilogy in a week. That was one of the most rewarding reading sessions I have ever had.

The first three Bourne movies are available for Amazon Streaming here:

The Bourne Legacy on DVD/BlueRay here

Bourne Books for Kindle.

Review of “The Golden Compass” Amazon Streaming – Two words “MUST SEE!” – M.R.

The Golden Compass (movie) – Amazon Streaming Version


From Wiki:

The Golden Compass is a 2007 fantasy-adventure film based on Northern Lights (published as The Golden Compass in the U.S.), the first novel in Philip Pullman’s trilogy His Dark Materials. The film was released on December 7, 2007 by New Line Cinema. Directed by Chris Weitz, it stars Dakota Blue Richards, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Sam Elliot, Ian McKellen, Ben Walker, Freddie Highmore and Magda Szubanski. The project was announced in February 2002, following the success of recent adaptations of other fantasy epics, but troubles over the script and the selection of a director caused significant delays. At US$180 million, it was one of New Line’s most expensive projects ever,and its middling success in the US contributed to New Line’s February 2008 restructuring.


Our thoughts:

From intense “Steam Punk” city-scape’s, to aerial and nautical travel through a world ALMOST like ours, this movie is every fantasy fans dream. Even seeing it for the third time it was breathtaking. Partly because I stream Amazon through my PC and sometimes my Kindle Fire and run them through a projector. On my wall the screen is 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall, and still perfectly clear. I run the sound through my band’s PA system. Its not surround sound, but it’ll shake your guts. I will make a post about my theater system soon, as it is under $2k and provides a better than regular movie experience from the sofa.

Back to Pullman’s masterpiece. Lyra will steal your heart and the idea of Daemons is fascinating. The wild west – India meets Africa cultures and the Gyptions are amazing parallel creations. Then there is the bears and the winter scenes that come straight from liquor bottle advertisements from the magazines of my youth. One word Amazing!.two words MUST SEE!

My only complaint is that the rest hasn’t been made into film.  DO NOT DESPAIR. Reading books II and III will be better than watching it. The series gets better.

5 stars – Must Read Must See – M.R.

The Golden Compass at Amazon Prime

The Golden Compass in the Kindle store