We review: Kingsman: The Secret Service “4 stars for being an awesome, spy, action flick…a good time! – MR

Kingsman: The Secret Service

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Kingsman: The Secret Service
Kingsman The Secret Service poster.jpg

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Matthew Vaughn
Produced by
  • Adam Bohling
  • David Reid
  • Matthew Vaughn
Screenplay by
Based on The Secret Service
by Mark Millar
Dave Gibbons
Music by
Cinematography George Richmond
Edited by
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release dates
  • 13 December 2014(Butt-Numb-A-Thon)
  • 29 January 2015(United Kingdom)
  • 13 February 2015(United States)
Running time
129 minutes[1]
  • United Kingdom
  • United States[2]
Language English
Budget $81 million[3]
Box office $85.8 million[3]

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a 2015 spy action comedy film, directed by Matthew Vaughn, and based on the comic book The Secret Service, created by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar. The screenplay was written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman. The film stars Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, Taron Egerton, and Michael Cain


During a mission secret agent Harry Hart is unable to prevent the death of one of his fellow agents. Feeling guilt, he personally delivers a bravery medal to the man’s widow and his young son, Eggsy, saying that if they ever need help, they should call the phone number on the back of the medal and deliver a coded message.

Seventeen years later, during a mission to find Professor Arnold, a kidnapped climate scientist, another Kingsman agent, Lancelot, is killed by Gazelle, an assassin with bladed prosthetic legs. In London, Eggsy is unemployed and living with his mother, infant sister and an abusive stepfather. Despite being intelligent and able, he left the training for the Royal Marines because his mother worried he would end up like his father. A thug threatens him in a pub, so Eggsy leaves, but steals the thug’s car. After being arrested, Eggsy calls the number on the back of the medal and is released. Harry meets him outside the station and takes him to a local pub, where he criticises Eggsy for wasting his life. When the thug shows up with his friends for retribution for Eggsy’s theft of the car, Harry advises the thugs to leave. When they rebuff him, Harry easily beats the thugs up.

Harry tells Eggsy about the secret intelligence agency that he works for and for which Eggsy’s late father worked: Kingsmen, and informs Eggsy that the Kingsmen have a vacancy for a new agent (to fill Lancelot’s spot). He takes Eggsy to training headquarters via a the tailor shop that functions as Harry’s civilian cover. Eggsy meets a group of new candidates, including a girl named Roxy. The programme is designed to weed out the unsuitable until only one candidate remains. The training is overseen by Merlin, a senior Kingsman, and each recruit is assigned a new dog to train in turn. Eggsy and Roxy emerge as the final two candidates. Encouraged, Harry has Eggsy issued a suit. When the head of the training programme, Arthur, instructs Eggsy to shoot his dog as the final challenge, Eggsy refuses and is ejected from the selection process; Roxy shoots hers and is given the job. Harry later reveals that the guns were loaded with blanks; it was a test of the candidates’ obedience.

Meanwhile, the Kingsmen are investigating Internet billionaire Richmond Valentine, who has announced a world-wide giveaway of SIM cards that allow free phone calls and internet access. The Kingsmen suspect him of being involved in a number of disappearances of VIPs, including the Swedish Princess. Harry tracks Professor Arnold to his class, where he interrogates him about Valentine’s whereabouts. A chip implanted in Arnold’s head explodes, killing him and injuring Harry. Once he recovers, Harry poses as a tycoon and has dinner with Valentine, who explains his views to Harry, stating that humanity is akin to a virus, and that global warming is the Earth’s equivalent of a fever. Later, having tracked Harry, Valentine shows up at Harry’s tailor shop, where Valentine and Harry further size each other up.

In a mid-credits scene, Eggsy appears in the same bar where Harry first invited him to join the Kingsmen. He tells his mother he has a job that comes with money and a new house that he invites his mother to come share. When his stepfather tries to prevent Eggy’s mother from leaving the pub, Eggsy knocks him unconscious, and prepares to do the same to his friends.


Our Thoughts

Kingsmen was great in that it embodied the essence of these types of secret-service. British, super-agent types of films. ie: A GREAT SUPERVILLAN with an awesomely diabolical plan to destroy the world as we know it. The cast was solid, and the acting very good, but there were a few areas where the movie stopped being what it was and became a big Red Bull/McDonalds commercial. It was full of action, and the plot twist near the end got me, which rarely, if ever, happens. For that I would give it 5 stars, but it is based on the comic book called: The Secret Service and not keeping that name, and the association more public, to me, was weak. I didn’t find that out until I researched the movie. So it gets 4 stars for being a bad ass un-original movie, but the comic book gets 5+ stars for creating the characters and plot. Samuel L. Jackson also gets 5 stars. His Mike Tyson-like lisp was maintained flawlessly throughout, and I loved him as a super villan. A perfect psychopath. Part of me, the intelligent, realistic part of me, even agreed with him. But not so much with his methods. The Earth is being over populated, there is no doubt. Pay attention to the villain’s motive. 4 stars for being an awesome spy action flick. Highly recommended for a good time! – MR


Find Kingsmen: The Secret Service and see a new trailer here.


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