We Review: #Tag “Quite possibly the funniest movie ever made. I couldn’t recommend it more.” – MR

Tag (2018 film)

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Tag (2018 film).png

Teaser poster
Directed by Jeff Tomsic
Produced by Todd Garner
Mark Steilen
Screenplay by Rob McKittrick
Mark Steilen
Story by Mark Steilen
Starring Ed Helms
Jake Johnson
Annabelle Wallis
Hannibal Buress
Isla Fisher
Rashida Jones
Leslie Bibb
Jon Hamm
Jeremy Renner
Music by Germaine Franco
Cinematography Larry Blanford
Edited by Josh Crockett
New Line Cinema
Broken Road Productions
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date
  • June 15, 2018 (United States)
Running time
100 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Tag is an upcoming American comedy film directed by Jeff Tomsic in his directorial debut, and written by Rob McKittrick and Mark Steilen. The film is based on a story that was published in The Wall Street Journal.[1][2] It is due for release on June 15, 2018, by Warner Bros. Pictures.


A group of ex-classmates meet up and organize a game of tag that finds them traveling across the country.



The film is based on a real-life group of friends known for playing a month-long game of tag. The group was profiled in The Wall Street Journal in January 2013,[3] after which the group began receiving offers to adapt their story into a movie. They sold the rights to their story the next month.[3] It was initially developed with Will Ferrell and Jack Black in mind;[4] however, both would eventually leave the project.

Jeremy Renner fractured his right elbow and his left wrist during filming.

Our Thoughts

Tag is quite possibly the funniest movie ever made. At the very least it is the funniest movie since the original Hangover. The entire packed crowd at our pre-screening laughed from start to finish. I did too. This is a must see, but don’t go if you have stitches, because you’ll bust them for sure. Funny! Funny! Funny! I couldn’t recommend it more. – MR

Find Tag and see the new trailer here.


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