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We Review: Amazon’s Original #TheAeronauts “4.5 stars, well done.” – MR

The Aeronauts (film)

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The Aeronauts

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Tom Harper
Produced by
Screenplay by Jack Thorne
Story by
  • Tom Harper
  • Jack Thorne
Based on Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air
by Richard Holmes
Music by Steven Price
Cinematography George Steel
Edited by Mark Eckersley
Distributed by
Release date
  • 30 August 2019 (Telluride)
  • 4 November 2019 (United Kingdom)
  • 6 December 2019 (United States)
Running time
100 minutes[2]
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
Language English
Budget $40 million[3]
Box office $3.2 million[4][5]

The Aeronauts is a 2019 biographical adventure film directed by Tom Harper and written by Jack Thorne, from a story co-written by Thorne and Harper. The film is based on the 2013 book Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air by Richard Holmes.[6] Produced by Todd LiebermanDavid Hoberman, and Harper, the film stars Felicity JonesEddie RedmayneHimesh Patel and Tom Courtenay.[7]

The film had its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival on 30 August 2019, followed by a showing at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.[8][9] It was released in the United Kingdom on 4 November 2019, and in the United States on 6 December 2019.


In 1862 London, pilots James Glaisher and Amelia arrive for the balloon launch. Despite being haunted by a vision of her late husband Pierre, Amelia keeps up the brave front and the balloon launches. In a flashback, James appears before the Royal Society and explains his theory that the weather can be predicted but he is laughed out of the building. Returning home, he talks to his parents, who try to persuade him to pursue another avenue of science. On the balloon, James and Amelia start rising through the cloud layer. They soon run into a violent storm which sends the balloon spinning. In a flashback, Antonia persuades her sister, Amelia, to attend a society function. There, Amelia is approached by James and he asks if she would be willing to be his pilot while he attempts to prove his theories to which she agrees.

After a close brush with death, with James suffering a head injury, they make it through the storm and continue rising. James releases the first of five pigeons carrying messages stating the current altitude along with other scientific readings in case they don’t survive. They discover an air current which is home to a group of butterflies, confirming one of John’s theories which James had always refuted. In a flashback, as James practices for the flight, Amelia approaches and tells him she’s changed her mind. At this, John goes to see Amelia to convince her. Amelia goes to Pierre’s grave to reflect. When it begins to snow, as James had predicted, she decides to go with him after all. Eventually, the balloon exceeds 23,000 feet (7.0 km), beating the record for the highest altitude. Amelia finds out James didn’t bring any clothes suitable for the rapidly decreasing temperature and decides to start descending. James refuses, and the two argue. Amelia agrees to keep rising, but makes it clear to James that they’ll have to start descending soon.

James starts experiencing hypoxia from the altitude as they ascend and insists they continue. The two get into a scuffle. That is when Amelia tells him the story of how Pierre sacrificed himself to save her during a balloon flight. This convinces James to descend. Amelia discovers the gas release valve on top of the balloon is frozen. As James falls unconscious, she has no choice but to climb up the outside of the balloon and open the valve from the top. With frostbite setting in on her hands, she struggles to wedge her boot in the valve, causing a slow release of the gas. Amelia loses consciousness and topples over the side but is saved by her rope tether.

When she awakens, Amelia manages to swing back to the balloon and wakes James. As they continue to descend, snow begins to hover around them, and they realize the balloon is collapsing from the loss of too much gas. They manage to close the gas release but it is not enough to slow their descent, so they throw everything they can over the side. When this doesn’t work, they climb into the framework and release the basket. Amelia then prepares to sacrifice herself to save James, but James convinces her that they can use the balloon as a parachute, which slows their descent. They crash through trees and hit the ground hard, with Amelia being dragged along behind the balloon. She wakes and calls for James, who staggers towards her. Both are injured, but euphoric that they managed to survive, setting a new human flight altitude record of 37,000 feet (11.3 km). James’s findings eventually paved the way for the first weather forecasts. James and Amelia go on another balloon flight together.


Our Thoughts

The Aeronauts is an award worthy film. Considering 90% of the movie is our two mains, in a wicker basket, it packs quite a punch. I feared for Amelia’s life in more than one place, and wanted to smack James for his stupidity.  That requires great acting skill.

My hats off to Felicity Jones, and Eddie Redmayne. They gave remarkable performances.

4.5 stars. Well done. – MR

We Review: #Underwater “If you LOVED #Godzilla, #Sphere, and #Leviathon, you will LIKE this. 3 stars” -MR

Underwater (film)

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Underwater poster.jpeg

Theatrical release poster
Directed by William Eubank
Produced by
Screenplay by
Story by
Brian Duffield
Music by
Cinematography Bojan Bazelli
Edited by
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date
  • January 10, 2020 (United States)
Running time
95 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $50–80 million[1][2]
Box office $17.6 million[3]

Underwater is a 2020 American science fiction horror film directed by William Eubank and written by Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad. The film is produced by Chernin Entertainment and stars Kristen StewartVincent CasselJessica HenwickJohn Gallagher Jr.Mamoudou Athie, and T.J. Miller.[4] It follows a group of scientists at the bottom of the ocean who encounter a group of creatures after a mysterious shaking destroys their laboratory.

Underwater was released in the United States on January 10, 2020, by 20th Century Fox. It was the final film to be released under the 20th Century Fox name before Walt Disney Studios changed its name to 20th Century Studios on January 17, 2020. It received mixed reviews from critics and has grossed $17 million worldwide.

Plot       ***SPOILER ALERT***

Tian Industries’ intends to drill seven miles to the bottom of the Mariana Trench for resources. A large earthquake hits, and a section of the Kepler 822 Station starts to suffer a catastrophic breach from the pressure. Norah Price, a mechanical engineer, and Rodrigo are able to escape the area and close it off, temporarily preventing further damage to the Kepler. They rescue Paul as they make their way to the escape pod bay. However, the three discover that all of the escape pods have already been deployed, with Captain Lucien being the only person in the area when the three arrive.

The surviving crew reach a control base and find biologist Emily Haversham and engineer Liam Smith, who are unsuccessful in their attempts to make contact with the surface. Lucien recommends that they put on pressurized suits and walk one mile across the ocean floor to the Roebuck Station 641. They start to emerge from the station into a cargo elevator, but Rodrigo’s helmet is faulty and cracks from the pressure, killing him instantly. The surviving crew see a distress beacon from one of the escape pods below, and Smith and Paul go outside to investigate. As Smith and Paul arrive at the location, the pod has been ripped open and a body lies in the rubble. Paul inspects the body, only for a hatchling creature to emerge from it and attack him. Smith is able to shoot and kill it with a bolt gun, and they bring it inside. Studying the creature’s body, Haversham realizes it is a part of a previously undiscovered species. The five begin to set out towards the Roebuck Station, but as they are walking, the Kepler explodes, causing debris to fly toward them. Smith is hit by the debris, but Price and Lucien manage to save him and bring him inside. They are able to make it to the meet-point station by taking an access tunnel, allowing them to charge and clean their suits, but find that Smith’s oxygen source is badly damaged from the debris. As they make their way through the access tunnel, Paul is attacked by an unknown creature and is dragged underwater before being ripped out of his suit and killed.

Before leaving the access tunnel, the team discover that Smith’s damaged oxygen pod will cause him to have to breathe in toxic fumes from the explosion. Unwilling to leave another crew member behind, Price, Lucien and Haversham agree to help him walk, dragging him if they have to. The remaining four crew members press on and start their walk across the ocean floor, but a humanoid creature appears, dragging Smith into a cave. Lucien manages to pull Smith out, but then tries to go for Smith’s bolt gun, allowing the creature an opportunity to drag Lucien up through the water and away from the other three. Price is dragged along with Lucien, but when the creature begins ascending, Lucien sacrifices himself so that Price may escape the increasing change in pressure. Price ends up at the abandoned Shepard Station and finds that Lucien worked there beforehand, causing suspicion as to what Lucien really knew about these creatures and their involvement with the drilling stations. Price tries to make contact with Smith and Haversham, but to no avail. She then gets a new pressurized suit and leaves the Shepard, continuing toward the Roebuck. Walking along the ocean floor, Price reunites with Haversham, dragging Smith towards the Roebuck Station, and proceeds to help. As they enter the station, they notice that there is a nest of the humanoid creatures hanging from the ceiling and try to sneak by, but Haversham’s suit, low on oxygen, begins to make noise, causing one of them to wake up and attack Price. Price is partially swallowed by one of the creatures, but is able to kill it and break free. Before more of the creatures can attack, an enormous creature reveals itself and causes an explosion. Haversham rescues Price and they continue their way into the Roebuck.

The three are able to reach the escape pod bay, but Price discovers that only two work, with a third being damaged and unusable. Price and Haversham manage to get an ailing but still alive Smith into one of the pods, and Price eventually convinces Haversham to take the last one. As this is happening, the gigantic alpha creature allegedly responsible for attacking and destroying their rig earlier, Cthulhu, emerges from around the Roebuck surrounded by even more of the humanoid creatures. The creatures start to follow the two escape pods, while Cthulhu begins to attack the Roebuck. Price, knowing she is already going to die, raises the energy levels of the core engines so that they explode, killing the creatures and allowing the escape pods to reach the surface. The film ends with images of newspaper articles depicting Tian Industries and their attempts to cover up the incident, which includes keeping Haversham and Smith’s testimonies classified. The company goes on to say that they intend to expand their drilling efforts.


Our Thoughts

Underwater could have been great. They skipped the whole “getting to know the crew” part of the plot, leaving no backstory. We jump right into disaster after disaster, but they never establish why we should care if these characters survive over the others dying all around them. I did not care one whit if the main character died because I knew NOTHING about her or her motivation, other than just to survive.


Anyway, it could have been amazing, but it would have to be thirty minutes longer, and the story start before they go 7 miles deep. Not right when crap goes bad, so we get no sense of normal life at depth.


3 stars at best. I’d wait until it hits Prime, or cable. -MR

Find Underwater and see the new trailer here.