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Snow White and the Huntsman – Review “Stunningly Beautiful… Extremely fantastic FX.” — M.R.

Snow White and the Huntsman – Review

Blood on snow… Love it. The forest scene with the fairies blew me away. The fragmented glass effect with the evil minions was mesmerizing. The liquid white, black, and gold effects were phenomenal. The battle scenes were lacking in that I caught a place where the cloned figures were fighting in the back and there were no enemies there yet. It was absurd to run upon a castle as they did, but that aside the seven dwarves were spot on to the augmented tale. So was the wicked stepmother. The romantic aspect, with two possible “Prince-not-so-Charmings” could have actually been better, and that’s coming from a guy who would rather drop 45 pound plates on his toes than watch a chick flick.


4.0 stars for an very entertaining twist on an old fairy tale, but it was almost like watching Game of Thrones at times, thus 4 instead of 5 stars.